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Florida Fathers United

Our Mission
Our Mission
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"Welcome! The FLORIDA FATHERS UNITED is dedicated to helping Non-Custodial fathers in this state by giving support, direction, and advice.

What You Can Do To Help...

There is alot that you can do to help! The lawmakers of this state must hear your voice, and your stand against gender-biased laws in Florida. Please join the battle, and get involved. You don't have to join any organizations to become involved, but strength comes with a union of like-minded people. The FLORIDA FATHERS UNITED webpage is for your use, please feel free to browse the site.

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The Reasons Why We Do What We Do...

Our children are the reasons that we fight for the rights of fathers. To make sure that they know their fathers, and to think of them for more than just a paycheck. Click below to see some of our reasons.

Our Reasons